Club Bien-Air's official launch at the IDS in Cologne undoubtedly took the accolade for the best surprise! And the surprise in question...? An After Sales service which is both faster and cheaper for practitioners. An extremely user-friendly online service which will soon be available in numerous countries around the world. Currently in its beta version and operational in the USA, France and Italy, Club Bien-Air is improving its services and adding new options on a daily basis. This platform, which is a must for all users of Bien-Air products, will be launched in the UK, Spain, Germany and Switzerland in May. Other regions will follow. To all club members working in other countries: You will be notified when the club goes live in your country.

But where's the catch? It's a question we've been asked many times. Free subscription, your instruments picked up from your clinic at no extra cost, gift voucher... Completely transparent, we readily admit that, just like product sales, repairs represent a source of revenue. Even if this alone justifies the benefits that Club Bien-Air offers its members, there's more:

The service life of your instruments depends greatly on their maintenance. Our technicians are specialists, and only use original spare parts – it has been proven that some generic parts can damage your instruments. In addition, our advice sheets contain valuable maintenance recommendations.

Real dialogue with the users of our products helps us honour our commitments. Club Bien-Air's feedback options, which are linked directly to each of your instruments, will help us offer you better support and improve our products.

We can't put a price on your satisfaction and loyalty. Offering new services to improve your day-to-day work is clearly beneficial for all.

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